Frequently Asqued Questions - FAQ

1. Do you do any customisation?

Each watercolor painting and before all the graphic process behind a stickers sheet needs many hours. That's why we evaluate each request individually in the context of the work charge. If it concerns only a small variation of a preexistant sheet/kit, it is more probable that we can find time for it.

But it can also happen that your idea is the most great idea we ever heard and decide to struggle to make it :) So please, feel free to share your request anyway!

2. How long is processing time?

Official production time is 1 to 2 work weeks, but we make a point of being faster, so that production time takes usually 3 to 5 workdays.

3. How long is shipping time?

All orders are shipped from Switzerland with the Swiss post. The official estimated carriage times are the following:

Swiss : 1 workday
Europe : 2 to 3 workdays
US, Canada, Australia (out of Europa) : 5 to 7 workdays.

For more informations, please consult our Shipping Policy.

4. Where is the tracking number?

All orders are sent with a tracking number. This implies also an inssurance up to 50chf in case of lost or damaged order. In case of bigger orders, we strongly encourage you to choose the signature option to be fully covered in case of lost. To add the signature option to your order, select the shipping upgrade at the checkout.

In case of delay, please contact us directly so that we can enquire about the problem and can transmit the tracking number. In the event of a lost tracked order, the order can be sent again or fully refunded.

international letter

5. What about collaboration?

We are happy to collaborate with Planner Events and we study every request individually, according to the workload.

If you want to organise a planner event and need some freebies, please contact us via the Contact page and fill the form with your information.

6. Do your stickers fit my planner?

We propose many stickers formats, but for some quality and logistic reasons, we cannot propose stickers for all planners available on the market ;)

These are the planners formats we made some stickers for:

Erin Condren Life Planners (vertical and horizontal)

All event boxes, full boxes and thin boxes are 3,8cm wide. The width of the full boxes for verticals are varying according to the collections (4,8cm high until the October 2019 collection, 5cm from October 2019).

Happy Planner Classic

All event boxes, full boxes and thin boxes are 3,8cm wide. The width of the full boxes for verticals are varying according to the collections (5,8cm high until the October 2019 collection, 6,2cm from October 2019).

Hobonichi weeks

Personal sized ring bound planners (pounched pages)

The width of eventboxes and thin boxes are fitting the usual Erin Condren/Happy Planner size (38mm).

Mini Pink Planner

7. What are the paper you propose?

There are three different available kinds of paper :

Matte removable

is a matte paper that you can take off and stick again many times. It looks like normal paper. Take care to stick it on clean area and not on a too porous paper (it doesn't stick well). Just be aware that it cannot be taked off again eternally!

Matte permanent

is a matte paper that you can't take off again. It looks like normal paper but is more sticky than the first one.

small flower Clear glossy

is a very shiny clear paper. It's very sticky and cannot be taked off again.

8. How to get Pots coins?

We offer a reward system through the "pots coins". Earn 3 pots coins for every CHF spent (which is approximatively 1$).

Get a 5CHF coupon when you collect 250 pots coins
Get a 10CHF coupon when you collect 450 pots coins
Get a 20CHF coupon when you collect 800 pots coins

Earn 100 pots coins when you sign up and 100 pots coins on your birthday.

Mini pink purse